What Guys Really Think About Valentine's Day

Wendy Robinson | Feb 1, 2016 Love & Sex

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There is no doubt that Valentine's Day can be a high-pressure day, especially for guys. In fact, according to one study, over 50 percent of women said they'd dump a guy if he didn't get her anything for Valentine's. So, that said, most men will go out and spend over $100 trying to get it right on this most critical romantic holiday.

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So, Valentine's is high-pressure and can be expensive. We got that. But do guys love it, hate it, or just plain struggle to remember it? As with everything, feelings about V Day vary from man to man (and obviously, not every woman loves the holiday and all its pressures and expectations either...). Some guys really do enjoy surprising their wives and girlfriends with gifts and love notes -- or at least feel it's important to try. Others, however, feel the holiday is straight up silly and expensive and are put off by the whole darn thing.

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Read on for the sweet, surprising, and sometimes annoying truth about what men really think about all those hearts, roses, chocolates, and more!

  • Smart Grandpa



    "My grandparents will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day. My grandpa is my hero, so I asked him why they got married on that date. He swore me to secrecy and told me that it was so he could buy one gift and have it count for both the anniversary and the holiday. He's a sly fox." -- Chris J., Lawrence, Kansas

  • V-Day Guarantee


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    "The only thing I like about V-Day is that it is basically a guaranteed sex day. As long as I remember the card and chocolate combo for my girl." -- Tyson B., Omaha, Nebraska

  • Mr. Not Romantic



    "I'm not naturally romantic. I think Valentine's Day is kind of stupid, but my wife likes it so I am trying to get better. I've finally figured out that as long as I flow the flowers+gift+candy formula, I'll be okay." -- Ken S., Roswell, New Mexico

  • The Lover



    "Valentine's Day? I hated it when I was single, but now that I've got the woman I love, I don't mind an occasion to tell her that she is awesome." -- Clay T., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Mr. Indifferent


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    "I personally don't care about Valentine's Day. It seems like a big waste of money to me. But my wife is over-the-top, Pinterest-crazy about the day. So I know I have to get something so I don't look like a total tool." -- Barry G., Goshen, Indiana

  • Haters Gonna Hate



    "I hate it. HATE IT. Last year I tried to talk my wife into waiting until the 15th to exchange gifts so I could at least buy the overpriced, generic crap on sale. She didn't go for it." -- Dan K., Overland Park, Kansas

  • Love Language



    "My wife told me that my 'love language' is gifts. Okay. Basically, I like Valentine's Day because I love my wife, I like making her happy, and I love presents. And candy. Who doesn't like candy?" -- Brent H., Nashville, Tennessee

  • It Doesn't Matter



    "It doesn't really matter what I think of Valentine's Day. My wife is super pregnant, and I am smart enough to know you'd better hook up a pregnant woman with some stuff on Valentine's Day if you want a happy life." -- Paul B., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • The Florist


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    "I work at my parents' floral shop. February 14 is our busiest day of the year, so Valentine's means two things to me: money and being exhausted. After a day of deliveries, all I want to do is crash. My wife always gets killer flowers though." -- Mickey, Des Moines, Iowa

  • Dad's Valentine


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    "Now that I'm a dad of a daughter, I think about Valentine's Day a little differently. I use it as a day to have special time with her. I want her to really know she is loved and that she never needs to try to find love with some jerk someday." -- Andy T., Phoenix, Arizona

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