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13 Perfectly Stated Quotes on Love & Heartbreak From Famous Women We Adore

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When it comes to finding out the truth about love, where do you turn? Philosophers? Marriage counselors? How about pop stars?

Before you scoff, remember that wisdom can come from many places! Read on for the best funny, smart, and even surprising quotes from our favorite celebs about love and marriage.

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1Amy Poehler

I love this advice from the fiercely funny Amy Poehler. This is great advice for anyone who has gone through heartbreak.

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Of course, Queen Bey has something to say about love. And, guess what? She's not in control of every situation. She's mortal just like the rest of us!

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3Demi Lovato

I have to say that I'm a little jealous that Demi Lovato is only 23 and has already figured out what it took me until I was at least 33 to figure out: Love doesn't require perfection.

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4Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is always refreshingly down-to-earth. You've gotta love her totally realistic relationship goals.

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5Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has had plenty of high-profile relationships on her way to marriage to her second husband Danny Moder. Sounds like she has picked up some wisdom along the way!

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6Katy Perry

I'm glad to hear that Katy Perry still believes in love. It is hard to imagine being able to keep making awesome pop music without a heart that still believes in love.

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7Amy Schumer

AMEN! And cheers to Amy Schumer for finding love with her cute new boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

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9Lady Gaga

Wanting deep, dark, sick parts of you? Yep, that sounds about right for American Horror Story star Lady Gaga.

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10Margaret Cho

Preach, Margaret Cho, preach!


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I'm 100 percent Team Oprah on this one. I knew my husband was The One when I realized I could totally be my messy, goofy self around him. Ten years later and I'm still glad he loves the real me.

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12Rashida Jones

I'm guessing Rashida Jones is probably not a big fan of the Bachelor franchise. I feel you, Rashida.

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