How Selfies Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

woman taking obnoxious selfie

We know. You heart your selfie stick. But there's new research that might make you rethink how often you use it.


According to a study from Florida State University, the more selfies you post on Instagram, the greater the chance that your relationship is going to find itself on #rockyground.

While the lead researchers are careful to say that they can't directly assume cause and effect, the results of the study appear to blame body image.

But not for the reasons you might think.

See, people who are pleased with their body image and how they look are most likely to post selfies. But that "selfie-posting behavior" -- a real scientific term! -- can lead to increased jealousy and arguments within your relationship.

And no surprise, participants' Instagram-related conflicts were more likely to lead to sad emoji outcomes like cheating, breakup, and divorce.

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So how can we all stave that off? The researchers gently suggest we stop taking so many selfies already.

Harsh, right? But deep down, we know you know it makes sense. We all occasionally fall into the trap of being, uh, overly concerned (read: #obsessed) with what others think of our online images. And raise your hand if you've ever been out with your partner but were constantly checking your phone to see who liked your latest selfie.

Plus, having the power to filter out our imperfections on Instagram has a major real-life downfall. It can make us less eager to show our flawed, poorly lit selves to anyone -- even our own partner. Which is kind of a bummer, because that's exactly what we need to reveal in order to have a deep connection.

Nobody's saying you have to delete your Instagram account. (Insert sigh of relief here.) But next time you're breaking out that selfie stick, ask yourself why. Or at least get your man in the frame.


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