WooPlus Is the Terrible -- but Totally Necessary -- Plus-Size Dating App

Have you heard? There's a Tinder for plus-size women, and it's called WooPlus. It's being hawked as a place where big, beautiful women can find big, handsome men to hook up with, fall in love with, marry, whatever. Sounds like a disaster, right?


Are we trying to say that plus-size women can't contribute to the existing dating scene because they're ... what? Not attracted to or desired by skinny men? And they deserved to be fetishized instead?

It seems like it.

But here's the truth: As sad as it is, this is necessary. Not because big girls can't fall in love, lust, or whatever they want with skinny men, because that's so totally bullshit. It's necessary because enough men on Tinder and OkCupid and all the existing dating apps and sites are so mean to plus-size women that they're literally bullying them out of the spaces that already exist.

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The creators of the app, Neil Raman and Michelle Li, told The Daily Dot that they heard enough horror stories come out of Tinder to realize it's not a safe or healthy environment for plus-size people to be in anymore, so they created WooPlus to give them an out and another option. 

The idea is that only people who like BBW or BHM will use the app, so the plus-size people they scroll through will be treated like humans, instead of open targets for body shaming and general douchery. 

And apparently, people like being treated with respect: Since the app made it's debut in November 2015, it has already amassed 10,000 users.

Though it sucks that it has to exist at all, WooPlus is a good solution for a terrible problem. If we're stuck in this situation, might as well have some fun while we're here, right?


Image via WooPlus

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