11 Women Reveal the Absolute Worst Valentine's Day Gifts They've Ever Received

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A wise woman once said, "Nothing says 'Let's stay in love for all eternity' like an aquarium!" Wait, nobody has ever said that. And yet, as my friend Juli could tell us, sometimes when we hope for a great big chocolate heart from our sweeties on Valentine's Day, we get an oversized house for fish instead. Yep, as sad as this sounds, it's a true story and there are many similarly sad ones just like it. 


Not all of us are the Kim Kardashian type, thus requiring the gifting of a 20-carat diamond ring worth a cool $10 million or so. Nope, not even close. Give most of us a nice card (yes, with actual handwriting inside!) and a small gift of one of our favorite things, and we're happy. It's really not that hard. It really is the thought that counts! And well, if that thought is a pair of tweezers -- even the "expensive" kind -- we're bound to feel a little sad about it. 

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Some bad Valentine's Day gifts might be a sign that a relationship is probably doomed (hello, No. 7!), but others are just a sign that even really good guys can give really bad gifts. So, sit back, grab a heart-shaped box of chocolate, and enjoy these hilarious stories of gifts of love that totally missed the mark.

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