10 Cities Where Parents Do Date Night & 10 Where They Totally Don't (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jan 15, 2016 Love & Sex
10 Cities Where Parents Do Date Night & 10 Where They Totally Don't (PHOTOS)

parents on date nightMaking time for date night when you're a parent can be pretty challenging. But residents of some cities seem to get out a lot more than others. Care.com ranked the cities where moms and dads enjoy the most and fewest dates. Think you live in an area where parents are still prioritizing romance? Now you can find out!

One state totally dominates when it comes to the most date nights, while another claims two spots in the top five fewest date nights. See if your city made the list!


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  • #1. Best: El Paso, TX


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    Apparently, couples are really still feelin' the fireworks in El Paso! According to Care.com, the west Texas city tops the list when it comes to parents having the most date nights.

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  • #2. Best: San Antonio, TX


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    Anyone who's ever been to the San Antonio River Walk knows romance is alive and well in this Texas city. Perhaps parents enjoy a leisurely stroll along this scenic waterway before grabbing a bite at one of the many amazing eateries.

  • #3. Best: McAllen, TX


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    Known as the City of Palms, McAllen, Texas comes in at No. 3 on the list of the places were parents have the most date nights. Located in the Rio Grande Valley, there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy nature!

  • #4. Best: Charleston, SC


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    Known for its nightlife, Charleston comes in fourth on the list of cities where parents have the most dates. Even window shopping or just walking along the shores of the Battery make for a pretty festive outing.

  • #5. Best: Las Vegas, NV


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    You don't have to go far or spend a fortune to be entertained in Las Vegas, which is probably why it rounds out the top 5 cities where parents have the most date nights. It seems like there's probably something to do at all hours there! 

    Which other cities made the top 10? Here you go:

    6. Honolulu, HI 
    7. New Orleans, LA 
    8. Virginia Beach, VA 
    9. Phoenix, AZ 
    10. Denver, CO

  • #1. Worst: Worcester, MA


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    Winters are pretty rough in Worcester, Massachusetts. Perhaps that's why parents can't get out for too many dates. This chilly city fills the top spot on the list of the worst cities for date night.

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  • #2. Worst: Oxnard, CA


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    Located west of Los Angeles, Oxnard, California, is the second worst city when it comes to parents sneaking out for date nights. Maybe families choose to enjoy the parks and beaches all together and forgo hiring a sitter? 

  • #3. Worst: Bridgeport, CT


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    Hit hard by deindustrialization of the late 20th century, Bridgeport has parents who are most likely working in the service industry without too much time or money to spend on date night. 

  • #4. Worst: Stockton, CA


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    Situated amidst farmland in the San Joaquin Valley, Stockton, California, is a place where parents don't seem to book too many date nights. The city filed for bankruptcy in 2012, so perhaps spending money on movies and meals out isn't a priority for residents.

  • #5. Worst: Sacramento, CA


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    Parents in California's capital city aren't making date night a priority. That's too bad, because Sacramento is known for its landmarks and culture. Rounding out the top 10 cities where parents go on the least dates are: 

    6. Springfield, MA 
    7. Rochester, NY 
    8. Albany, NY 
    9. Fresno, CA 
    10. Boston, MA
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