11 Women on Being Happily Unmarried With Kids (PHOTOS)

happy familyAs we watched our kids play in the backyard, my neighbor and I started chatting. The conversation turned to my upcoming wedding anniversary and I casually asked her how long she'd been married. After the briefest of pauses, she replied that they'd been together for 10 years but weren't married.


For a moment, I felt a bit embarrassed that I had looked at their family (mom, dad, two kids, cute house on a family-friendly block) and just automatically assumed that they must be married.

Although getting married and then having kids is still considered the cultural norm, the truth is that more families than ever are deciding to live and raise children together without getting married first.

I connected with 11 women who have kids and a long-term unmarried partner to find out more about why they've decided to opt out of marriage. Whether the reasons were financial, practical, or philosophical, it becomes clear that marriage isn't every little girl's dream after all.


Image via iStock.com/Geber86

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