How to Turn Your Guy into a Sexy Grizzly Man for Winter (GIFS)

bearded manAdmit it. You like it when your man looks a little ... rugged. We're not talking Tom Hanks in Cast Away here -- we just mean it doesn't hurt if he looks like he may or may not have just returned from chopping wood, catching dinner, or making a slingshot out of branches in the wilderness.


But, one can't outright come out and tell a partner to start grizzly-manning it up, so, instead, subtle clues and hints that push him in the right direction need to be dropped. Lead him to water, so to speak.

Want a smokin' hot mountain man this winter, but aren't sure how to go about it? Here are 12 ways you can oh-so-casually turn your guy into a grizzly man once the weather cools down. 

1. One word: Flannel


If you give your man one gift this season, make it something flannel. Preferably of the red and black variety. You may finally be able to fulfill that fantasy you've always had about the Brawny man. 

2. Hide all the razors


Unless your partner has a job that requires him to be clean-shaven (and who has that job?), odds are your man will go at least a few days before heading out to pick up a new razor, allowing that oh-so-sexy stubble to grow in. 

3. Buy a cord of wood and have him stack or chop it


If he asks you what it's for (since you don't have a fireplace), just make him a hot toddy and smile. 

4. Replace his normal bathroom reading material with the L.L.Bean catalog


Who knows? He may get inspired to go for a hike at dawn. Or start playing lacrosse.

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5. Swap out his morning flax seed oatmeal for eggs and bacon 

Because real men have clogged arteries. 

6. Swap out his morning coffee for whiskey


Just kidding. Kind of. 

7. Snuggle up to Cold Mountain one cozy night


Or Brokeback Mountain, depending on how you're feeling. 

8. Turn the heat down and leave a winter hat lying around


A bearded man in a beanie in the house? Yes, please. 

9. Rough up his favorite pair of jeans


When he asks you what happened to them, say, "It must have been from all that wood you were chopping ... right?"

10. Only let him shower in rainfall

Don't worry. It's temporary. And necessary for him to reach Peak Sexy Grizzly Man.

11. Tell him how good he looks. 

bearded man

He'll be feelin' his new look before you know it.

12. Enjoy.


Your work here is done.


make him a grizzly man

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