12 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Him (That Really Are for You Too)

Maressa Brown | Dec 16, 2015 Love & Sex

gift ideas for menFor all the crazy running around holiday shopping you may do every year, it's not uncommon to find yourself waiting until the very last minute to get one crucial gift: the one for your significant other. But the good news is that the best gift probably isn't one that'll fit in another box under the tree.

In other words, what guy would prefer fancy cuff links or a Montblanc pen over the gift of an experience -- particularly one he can share with you? Aww.

Here, 12 gifts for your partner you'll both enjoy, many of which you can definitely purchase at the last minute. Whew!

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  • Concert Tickets


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    From fests like Coachella or Lollapalooza to that The Weeknd concert he's been talking about, you might consider tickets to an upcoming music event. Since they tend to be a bit splurgey anyway, it's nice to have the holiday as an excuse to spend on 'em. Plus, it's a date night (or, in the case of festivals, a trip!) to look forward to. 

  • Amusement Park Annual Pass


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    If you and your guy are thrillseekers, why not gift a season or annual pass for your favorite amusement park? If you frequent spots like Six Flags (starts at $190) to Disney World (starts at $749) or Universal Orlando (starts at $260) the pass could end up paying for itself in two or more visits.

  • Airline Gift Card


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    Many airlines -- from American Airlines to Delta, Southwest, and United -- now offer virtual gift cards. How awesome would it be to know you have those dollars set aside for an adventure to plan now or later?

  • An 'Experience' Gift


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    From sailing to surfing, golf lessons to horseback riding, drag racing to flight lessons, a variety of sites like TrulyExperiences.comExperienceDays.com and Cloud9Living.com offer (virtual!) gift cards for "experience gifts." You simply choose what part of the country you want to have the experience, and pick from a variety of options, many of which are under $100.

  • Comedy Show


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    If you both love watching stand-up on Netflix, tickets to an upcoming comedy show -- either with a headliner you both dig or just for any old night at a local comedy club -- could be a winning choice. You can search on LaughStub.com for venues and comedians. 

  • Ballroom Dance Lessons


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    Who says professional ballroom dancing is just for the "stars"? Snag some dance lessons from a local studio (one place to start might be Arthur Murray's locator), and get even more in sync with your guy.

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  • Couples' Massage or Spa Day


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    Need a time-out from the daily grind so badly, it's actually physically painful? Ha! Yes, maybe the best gift for your partner (and you, wink, wink) is a spa day or couples' massage. Book a service at your local spa, and print out a "coupon" to present to your guy. Or try a gift card from Spafinder.com or MassageEnvy.com.

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  • Sports Tickets


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    Grab a couple of tickets to go see your favorite hockey, football, basketball, or even -- if you're planning way ahead and want to look forward to springtime! -- baseball team together.

    You could always wrap them up with a bit of fan gear you can wear on the day of the event, like two team jerseys from a store like DicksSportingGoods.com or FansEdge.com.

    Feeling splurgey? Go all out and grab a season pass!

  • Airbnb Gift Card


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    Instead of booking a resort for your next lakeside vacay or ski trip, you could book through Airbnb.com and feel like you're actually "living" for a short while at your destination. Kick off planning inspiration for the whole trip by gifting your guy a gift card from the popular site.

  • Hotel Gift Card


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    If an Airbnb rental isn't your cup of tea, maybe a Hotels.com (or Marriott.com, or Hilton.com, or KimptonHotels.com, etc.) gift card -- many of which can be emailed directly to your partner -- sounds more appealing. Even if you can't make it away for a full-fledged vacation anytime soon, you might be able to put it toward an overnight or weekend getaway. Well-deserved! 

  • Cleaning Service


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    Okay, so, it's not the most romantic one on this list, but if having a tidier home sounds like a treat for you both, a gift card for a local home cleaning service -- or a national chain like Molly Maids or Maid Brigade -- could be a practical and stress-relieving choice. (Maybe combine this and #7? Yes, please!)

  • Museum Gift Membership


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    Whether you and your partner enjoy natural history, art, science, or marine life, a gift membership to a local museum may be a gift that keeps on giving. You'll get unlimited admission without waiting in lines and likely a bunch of other perks. Bonus: Museum gift memberships are tax-deductible!

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