13 Stages of Celebrating Your Guy's Much-Anticipated Vasectomy (GIFS)

couple jumping on couchUnless you are a Duggar, there comes a time in most families when it becomes clear that you've hit just the right number of babies. Once you know that your family has all the members it needs, the question becomes: How do you make sure the baby factory is shut down for good? 


While tubal ligation is an option, let's be honest: This is really a time when dudes need to step up and take one for the team. 50 million men have had the old snip-snip -- so what happens when your husband becomes one of them?

Even though, medically speaking, it is a pretty simple procedure, deciding to get a vasectomy is a big step.

Here, 13 stages you may encounter as your man goes from becoming a potential baby-maker to someone who has sex for purely recreational purposes only.

Stage #1: It might take some persuading, but he finally agrees to get it done.


Stage #2: SIX MONTHS LATER ... he finally makes his appointment.


Stage #3: And, lo and behold, his appointment just happens to be during March Madness or college football bowl season. A total coincidence, surely.


Stage #4: The night before his procedure, the reality of "no more babies" really hits you.


Stage #5: NO MORE BABIES? All the feels.


Stage #6: Wait. No more babies? That means no more diapers. No more diaper bags. No more sleep deprivation. No more pumping. No more ever being pregnant and morning sick ever again.


Stage #7: Finally the big day arrives.

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Stage #8: But don't worry; he'll be totally brave and grown-up about it. It is just a minor, outpatient procedure after all.


Stage #9: The deed is done. Time for a recovery, which should really only take a few days at most. Some men may decided to settle in for a good long stretch of TV time though.


Stage #10: You might feel tempted to make a joke about his being less of a man now that he shoots blanks.



Stage #11: After a suitable time, he's going to want to make sure his equipment is still working.


Stage #12: SUCCESS!


Stage #13: He passes the post-procedure checkup, and you can finally throw away all the birth control in your house. Welcome to the rest of your life.


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