11 Texts That Reveal the Messy Truth About Life After Divorce

Wendy Robinson | Dec 17, 2015 Love & Sex
11 Texts That Reveal the Messy Truth About Life After Divorce

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We all know the statistics that about 40 to 50 percent of marriages will ultimately end in divorce. But what does life really look like after "I do" becomes "I don't"? Just like every relationship is different, every split is different too. From the angry couples to the ones who will be friends for life, the following text messages show the pain, the peace, and the funny that can be life after divorce -- it isn't always pretty, and some of these divorce texts are down right cringey.

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Divorce is a messy game -- especially when kids are involved. But what is the right way for a divorced couple to communicate? While it is not an exact science, we did find a compilation of texts between divorced spouses that prove how necessary good communication skills are ... and the consequences if things are less than amicable. These texts show both the good, bad, and ugly of trying to discuss important issues with an ex-spouse. And while some of them are angry messages of past emotional injuries, others show easy-breezy relationships between two people who were able to push past their differences. Take a look and decide if these text messages deserve to be in the bad-ex hall of fame or if there's maybe is such a thing as a good divorce? 

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