The Big Tip-Off That Your Man's Not the Cheating Kind

man with babyYou know that old cliché of a man borrowing a friend's baby in order to stroll through a park and pick up chicks? You've seen it a thousand times in TV shows and rom-coms for a reason. It totally WORKS -- but not necessarily for the reason you'd think.


We XX-ers are completely won over by a man who shows real interest in a baby. But it's not just because we think he's more likely to settle down and become a dad.

According to a new study published in Psychological Science, men who are likely to coo and gush at a baby show a lower increase in testosterone when exposed to sexually explicit material.

Translation: How they respond to a baby has to do with how their BODY responds to sexual stimuli.

More translation: Men who like babies do better in monogamous relationships and are LESS likely to cheat. They don't get as turned on by any of those aforementioned hot chicks that come their way, compared to men who are like, "Ugh. That baby stinks. Get it out of here."

So interesting, right? But now you're probably wondering why.

According to researchers from the University of Chicago, it comes down to evolutionary life theory. Throughout history, there's always been a trade-off men have to make: Either mate like crazy, or mate a li'l less and invest in parenting.

The researchers' hypothesis was that deciding to go one way or another comes down to a man's testosterone levels. (Just to give you a hormone refresher course, testosterone is the main sex hormone that men make.)

Men who have lots of it, the researchers theorized, choose the "fast life" approach -- humping like crazy. Less testosterone = the "slow life" strategy, wherein a caveman chooses to meet one nice cavelady and share his mammoth stew just with her.

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For this experiment, researchers surveyed 100 single young men, mostly college students. (No cavemen.) First, the guys were asked tons of questions about babies and what they thought of them and how they'd respond to them in various scenarios. Then ... they were shown "erotic content."

(Don't you imagine that each of those guys was like, "Hell, yeah! Science rules!"?)

Their testosterone was tested before and after via a saliva sample. And sure enough, men who were like, "Babies are aw-right," showed less of a T-level increase.

Like we said, fascinating. So now you know exactly why you turn to goo when you see a pic of David Beckham cuddling his daughter or Brad Pitt good-naturedly explaining how he gets his six kids to all brush their teeth. We're not only responding to the fact that they appear to be hands-on-involved dads. (Although there is that.) There's also good reason to assume that they're hella faithful.

And maybe when your daughter one day asks how she can tell if a guy is "The One," you should suggest she take him along to a babysitting gig.


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