12 Worst Holiday Gifts From Men Who Totally Missed the Mark

Wendy Robinson | Dec 9, 2015 Love & Sex
12 Worst Holiday Gifts From Men Who Totally Missed the Mark

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One of the joys of the holiday season is the thrill of finding the perfect gift for the ones we love. We choose carefully, wrap lovingly, and wait for the moment of happy surprise. It's just like the old saying goes, giving truly is better than receiving ... And then it is our turn to open a gift and, lo and behold, someone got a lava lamp! Okay, so maybe we were wrong -- sometimes perhaps the thought DOESN'T count ...

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The number 1 culprit of giving women terrible, terrible gifts? Their husbands. Sorry, guys, but for some reason the men in our lives could not pick a good gift if they tried. What exactly goes through their heads when they go holiday shopping, we'll never know, but from the looks of it, guys are only buying what they immediately see in front of them within the first five minutes of walking into Target. What's that all about?

When it comes to bad gifts, there are those that are just bad because they aren't right for the recipient (like #10 on our list) and those that are just plain bad (like #3). Let's hope none of these horrors are under the tree this year!

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  • Mr. Potato Head


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    "A Mr. Potato Head. I get ragey just thinking about it." -- Paula G.

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  • Nothing Says Love Like Wood


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    "He gave me a bag with unfinished numbers and letters in wood. He said he would make me a new house number thingy. Really? REALLY?" -- Bobbi-Jo M.

  • That Gift Stinks!


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    "I love this cute little store in town. I can spend hours looking at all the cute decor and scarves and jewelry and everything! One year I told my husband he could get me anything from that store for Christmas and I would be happy.

    On Christmas Eve, we were opening our presents and I noticed the tell-tale purple box from the store. I was SO excited.

    I opened the gift and it was a Farts Around the World book. Each page had a button to push that made a fart noise. It was so vulgar.

    My husband was so proud of himself for buying it at the cute store. How did he manage to find the ONE thing there I wouldn't like?" -- Tracy R.

  • Just Not Me


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    "The worst gift was an elaborate and fancy diamond-y heart necklace. Super radio-commercial typical for what every girl wants for Christmas. If you know me, I'm really not a fancy jewelry girl. But the worst part? His MOM picked it out, bought, wrapped, and signed his name on it for him. EW. And he sat there grinning while I opened it like -- you like it?!

    Did that sound snotty? I don't mean for it to be. It was nice enough of my MIL to do that, I guess. But it was not FOR me (I like kittens, books, and art supplies -- not necklaces), and it was definitely not FROM him, in any way whatsoever." -- Erin A.

  • Too Friendly


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    "Are you ready? I'm slightly obsessed with Friends. Our first Christmas together, he got me a Friends parody PORNO. He thought it would be funny, and he got me other gifts that were very nice, but I was like, 'Porn for Christmas?! If you really wanted me to have this, any other day would have sufficed.'" -- Anne F.

  • A 10-Year Commitment


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    "One year, when we were dating, I went home to visit my family for Christmas. He sent me an email with a photo attachment of my gift from him/his family. It was a freaking chinchilla. Guys, he OK'd getting me A PET -- while I was still living in an apartment and without asking if I even wanted one. Damned thing lived 10 years." -- Rachel W.

  • A 75-Gallon Commitment


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    "We were at some Chinese restaurant that had a HUGE aquarium in the waiting area. I commented that the constant gurgling of them must be relaxing for some people. He read that as, I must really want an aquarium.

    So, we were engaged at the time, [and] I went to stay at my parents' house for Christmas Eve/day. He went to my apartment and set up a 75-gallon fish tank in my dining room! Yep. That freaking tank was and is to this day the bane of my existence. Seventy-five gallons, people. It's freaking huge! 

    The 75-gallon is in our attic. I'd love to get rid of it. However, my husband has hopes and dreams of setting that baby up again in our house. I said, maybe his next wife will let him do that because not a chance in hell with this one." -- Juli P.

  • Go Fish


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    "You are assuming I have EVER gotten a good gift! My husband is the WORST gift giver. That is not his love language. Towels, fishing tackle, saw blades (I cannot use a power tool to save my life). When I was pregnant, he got me wine. (Yes, I do LOVE wine, but not when I can't drink it for nine months.)" -- Liz M.

  • A Real Big Hoodie


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    "When I was pregnant, I asked for a fleece-lined hoodie from Land's End. I told my husband to get the biggest size since I was pregnant with twins.

    Keep in mind that I am 5'1".

    Christmas morning I open his gift. He got me the largest size. I was expecting XL. He got me a triple XL. It was like a Snuggie on acid. And, he was mad at me because he had followed my directions of getting me the largest size." -- Carrie J.

  • The Gift of Sweat


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    "One year, my partner got me sessions with a personal trainer. I've never in my life wanted a personal trainer." -- Kim N.

  • Let There Be Light


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    "Who wouldn't love getting an industrial-sized flashlight for Christmas? What could be more loving and romantic?" -- Heather B.

  • Bounce, Bounce


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    "Pogo stick. Enough said." -- Jill M.

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