12 Worst Holiday Gifts From Men Who Totally Missed the Mark

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One of the joys of the holiday season is the thrill of finding the perfect gift for the ones we love. We choose carefully, wrap lovingly, and wait for the moment of happy surprise. It's just like the old saying goes, giving truly is better than receiving ... And then it is our turn to open a gift and, lo and behold, someone got a lava lamp! Okay, so maybe we were wrong -- sometimes perhaps the thought DOESN'T count ...

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The number 1 culprit of giving women terrible, terrible gifts? Their husbands. Sorry, guys, but for some reason the men in our lives could not pick a good gift if they tried. What exactly goes through their heads when they go holiday shopping, we'll never know, but from the looks of it, guys are only buying what they immediately see in front of them within the first five minutes of walking into Target. What's that all about?

When it comes to bad gifts, there are those that are just bad because they aren't right for the recipient (like #10 on our list) and those that are just plain bad (like #3). Let's hope none of these horrors are under the tree this year!

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