Living Together May Make You Just as Happy as Marrying

couple living together

Weddings cost a LOT. ($26,444 on average to be exact.) But before you start shelling out for bridesmaids' dresses and interviewing caterers, consider this: Moving in together may make you JUST as happy.


That sound you heard was the collective shudder of conservative, marriage-minded people everywhere. Oh, and wedding vendors. But don't blame us! We're just reporting what researchers at The Ohio State University recently found.

Using data collected from the 2000s (which is confusing, because technically, we're still IN the 2000s and will be for 985 years) researchers found that single women experienced a "decline in emotional distress" when they either moved in with a romantic partner OR went straight to marriage.

We're guessing that this "decline" looked like a call to mom, moaning, "He never puts the seat down!" Because you know, it's forgivable when you're dating, annoying when you're cohabitating.

Researchers also found that men didn't have the same emotional OMG period when they moved in with a partner -- only when they married. Which we find vaguely insulting on behalf of women everywhere.

Dude, what's so scary about a piece of paper with both your names on it?

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Unless, of course, the bills from their wedding are now rolling in and that emotional distress is due to now being in the hole for $26,444 AND having a woman ask them every day to put the toilet seat down.

But to get back on track here, the REALLY striking discovery from this study was that in more recent years, scientists stopped seeing couples get that emotional boost from marriage. Meaning: couples who lived together were JUST has happy as those who tied the knot, jumped the broom, said "I do," etc.

One reason? Living together no longer carries the stigma it once did. In fact two-thirds of couples now cohabitate before marriage. Researchers also believe that many people no longer see marriage as THE end-all be-all to having a tight, longlasting bond.

In other words, if you're on the fence about whether to become husband and wife, you might consider moving in together (if you don't already). Don't worry. We know where you can find $26,444 to use as a down payment on a house ...


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