The Key to a Happy Relationship May Be Linked to How Tall He Is

tall man, shorter wife

Sorry to all you ladies out there married to men nicknamed something like "Tiny." We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but science says women are happiest when we marry TALL men.


The idea that women in general prefer tall men isn't news, of course. Evolutionary biologists have known for some time that being tall emphasizes traditional masculine traits like protection and security. Which we women are instinctively drawn to.

(In fact, tallness correlates with income, education, attractiveness, health, and even how long you live.)

But a new study in the academic journal, Personality and Individual Differences, investigated how tallness affects MARRIAGE. Are women who "leveled up" happier in the long run?

According to nearly 8,000 Indonesian woman surveyed for the study, yes! Not only that, but the bigger the height difference, the happier the wife.

Why? The study's lead researcher thinks the preference for height may be so hardwired in us, that we just accept it without wondering why. (Kind of like how we STILL crave fatty, salty, or sweet foods because our bodies recognize that they provide the most calories, and calories = survival.)

Weirdly, though, this afterglow of marrying a tall man doesn't last forever. Researchers found that the 'Yay, me, I got a tall one!" effect wore off after about, oh, 18 years.

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So there's that.

No need to despair though, if your current love is a little on the short side. Remember that everyone's situation is different. And some experts believe that we're not automatically programmed to choose a life partner, but are influenced by our upbringing.

In that scenario, if your dad and/or brothers and/or elementary school crush was a wee bit on the short side, that might be the dude you're drawn to as an adult.

Bottom line: If celebs like Tina Fey, Nicole Kidman, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely can deal just fine being taller than their partner, we're guessing the rest of us can make it work, too.


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