13 Women Share Their Most Empowering Sexual Experiences (PHOTOS)

couple kissing smilingAt a recent girls' night out with friends, the wine was flowing and the conversation eventually turned, like it so often does, to sex. We covered the usual topics -- how much sex we are or aren't having, how to make time for sex when you have kids, and for my very pregnant friend, the mechanics of third-trimester frisky time.


But we also talked about what it takes to feel sexy and sexually empowered. For too many of us, sex is something that has been complicated and a source of shame or disappointment. Whether it was growing up and hearing that nice girls don't want sex or dealing with inconsiderate partners or body shame, sometimes we face roadblocks to feeling like we own our sexuality.

Our feelings about sex can evolve though, so read on for the sweet, sexy, and sometimes surprising moments when these 13 women (who asked that I use their initials only) felt their most sexually empowered. I love you, #7!


Image via conrado/Shutterstock

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