Eating This Food Can Make Every Man Seem More Attractive

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Hmmm, what is it that a man could eat for you to suddenly find him irresistible? Four fried Mars bars at the county fair? Four pieces of rare and potentially life-threatening blowfish? Nope. It's GARLIC. Four cloves and suddenly we're looking at Joe Everyman like he's David Beckham.


This bizarre insight comes courtesy of a new study published in the journal, Appetite. No idea how it came about ... We wonder if scientists sometimes do these experiments just to make themselves (or us) laugh.

In three separate trials, 42 participants (hopefully all men who dig Italian?) were given raw garlic or garlic capsules. Then they wore special pads (we're guessing under their arms, but hey, who knows) to collect body odor.

Or, well because this was a European study, the pads collected body odour, which is somehow less gross.

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Then, the real fun began. 82 women were brought in and asked to rate the men's body odor -- excuse us, odour -- based on pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity. And that's when researchers learned that exactly four cloves of garlic is perceived as significantly more pleasant and more attractive to females with noses.

Man, to be a fly on the wall in that lab. Do you think any of the women gagged when they were smelling the swatches? Or conversely, were so turned on by some that they tried to slip them into their purses?

Why has no one made a rom-com that takes place in a sex lab?

But back to the results and what they mean. Apparently, it has nothing to do with being hungry or craving a good meatball sub and everything about evolutionary cues.

Animals (including us humans) use diet-associated cues to select the healthiest mate we can. Garlic's a winner when it comes to protecting the heart, boosting the immune system -- even preventing cancer. So researchers are theorizing that whatever scent garlic makes men exude through their pores, we women associate with healthiness.

And healthy = sexy.

Now you can view that weekly Pizza Night not like lazy meal planning so much as a boost for your sex life!

You're welcome.


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