Women Who Are Less Likely to Cheat All Have One Thing In Common

happy african-american couple watching movie"Going with your gut" has a surprising benefit. (And no, we're not talking about always choosing the fastest checkout line at the grocery store.) Women who trust their instincts when it comes time to make a decision are less likely to cheat on their partners.


That fascinating little tidbit comes courtesy of new research published in the journal Personality and Social Differences. And all because a University of Missouri doctoral candidate in the department of psychological sciences was curious to see how individual differences in intuition affect moral outcomes.

By "intuition," we're talking about that feeling deep inside that you should or shouldn't do something. You don't need to analyze why; you just KNOW. But while some people heed that "little voice inside their head," others ignore it.

And doing so could doom your marriage, apparently.

For this study, over 100 participants (most of whom were women) were asked to think about a time they acted immorally. (A control group was given a more innocuous topic.) Then they were given an unsolvable IQ test and told that people who scored in the top 10 percent would get a lottery ticket. (Don't you LOVE science?)

Participants were told they could score their own test and ... 23 percent totally cheated.

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So, what does cheating on an impossible test have to do with cheating on your spouse?

Apparently, it shows that people who rely on their gut feelings are more likely to reflect on past experiences and realize they don't want to repeat them. Or maybe, we're guessing, they're able to instantly assess all they have to lose.

Whereas other peeps are like, "Shhh, you pesky intuition! I'm trying to win a lottery ticket/hook up with this cute dad at my kids' soccer practice."

The former scenario is kinda preferable, we think, but your instinct is probably already telling you that.

This experiment has now got us wondering WHY some people aren't so tuned in to their gut feelings. Does it have something to do with our being so tuned in to external noise, be it push alerts, tweets, and a kajillion texts pinging throughout the day?

Maybe turning all that stuff down a skosh will let that voice inside us become a little louder. And protect our marriages in the meantime?


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