12 Awkward Tales of Trying to Get It On in the Parents' House During the Holidays

Wendy Robinson | Dec 3, 2015 Love & Sex
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  • Sorry, Dad


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    "Much to my father's chagrin, my mother made a point of telling my husband and I that we should feel free to have sex in the guest room as long as we washed our own sheets. She said she wanted to make sure she didn't stand in the way of making grandbabies."

  • In the Playhouse


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    "I once had surprisingly good adult sex in my childhood playhouse during a Christmas visit to my parents' house. The tight quarters forced us to be inventive in a very good way."

  • Shhh!


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    "The worst part of trying to have sex at someone else's house (especially if that someone else is your parents) is having to be quiet. I can't help it -- I'm a yeller!"

  • Shhh! -- Part 2


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    "This is still SO embarrassing, but my husband and I were starting to try to have sex in my little twin bed from high school and we were focused on being quiet. We ended up being so quiet that we could hear when my parents started having sex in their room next door. Ewww."

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