12 Awkward Tales of Trying to Get It On in the Parents' House During the Holidays

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This holiday season, many of us will find ourselves back in our parents' houses -- sometimes in our childhood bedrooms!!! -- trying to share a single bed with a fully grown partner instead of a cuddly teddy bear. And that's just one of the awkward sleeping arrangements we can end up in at home -- No, Mom, we don't want to sleep in the master bedroom! Family gatherings can be stressful, especially if one is hoping to get lucky on a blowup mattress or in an old twin bed.


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Figuring out how to avoid the ears and eyes of nosy relatives can be tricky, but sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do, and caution can get thrown to the wind. So sorry, Mom and Dad, but this year I might be a little MIA from the family festivities. And everyone else? Please knock before entering my childhood bedroom!

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Read on for the anonymous (by request!) but hilariously true stories of what happens when our readers go home for the holidays and bring their libido with them -- and how they managed to hide this from Mom and Dad. Fair warning, though: #12 may make folks want to be celibate until the new year! Onward, to these cringe-inducing stories ... Don't say we didn't give fair warning!


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