10 Signs He Might Have His 'Period' -- No, Really (GIFS)

grumpy manHey ladies, does your man get a little moody from time to time? Sure, they all do! But guess what? It might not be his fault. He might be suffering from "Irritable Man Syndrome," which is essentially a "man period," something a quarter of British men think they get. No, seriously.


Are you buying this? I'm not either, but some experts believe it's a real thing, like therapist and author of The Irritable Man Syndrome Jed Diamond, who says that "men have hormonal cycles just as women do." 

Okay, let's assume that men really do suffer from biologically induced mood swings that affect everything from sex drive to cravings to energy levels. What are the signs that your guy is actually having his man period, as opposed to just being a whiny jerk?

1. He's so hungry he's not even making sense anymore. 

2. He completely overreacts when you ask him to perform such simple tasks as taking out the trash.

3. In fact, he pretty much refuses to do anything except sit in his recliner while binge-watching episodes of Man vs. Food

4. He spends the whole day at work just listening to Adele on his headphones.

5. He's completely impossible to keep entertained. Nothing you do can cheer him up.

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6. And he can't stop asking you if you still find him attractive.

7. God forbid you forget to stock the liquor cabinet!!

8. Anything from a rude driver cutting him off in traffic to a slightly critical email from his boss can send him into an emotional tailspin.

9. Then you remember the one thing that calms you down when you have YOUR period.

10. And after all that, he won't even admit that he was making your life a living hell!

Good thing he's so damn cute! (And thank God he doesn't REALLY get his period! 'Cause there's no way he could handle that!!)


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