Women Share the Battles They Fight With Their Partners Every Thanksgiving

woman frustrated husband footballAhhh, the holidays: a time for family, food, and the ultimate dividing line between husbands and wives everywhere. If you ask me what I think about Thanksgiving, it's about eating the Turkey Day staples -- cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, stuffing, string bean casserole, and everything else until I explode. My husband, however, thinks it's all about searching for, trying out, and perfecting a new twist on classic Thanksgiving recipes. He's on a mission to start "new traditions" every year, and I think he should stick with what we know!


I knew that there was no way we're the only couple out there with a different viewpoint on what goes into Thanksgiving day!

Here, 9 other women share the things they don't see eye to eye on with their partner when it comes to the big feast. 

1. "It usually starts with me saying, 'Let's do something different, I don't like your family…' and my husband responding, 'We have no choice, we have to go, and deal with it.'" -- Michelle G., Coral Springs, Florida

2. "My husband and I have a battle about stuffing every year. He thinks his mom's Stouffer's dry, grainy slop is amazing, and I'm more into traditional, savory, moist, heavenly stuffing because my Thanksgiving taste buds have not been ruined by dry turkey and stuffing gravel!" -- Marielle W., Stamford, Connecticut

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3. "Timing is a bone of contention in my house. He is used to lunch, we eat dinner. Who knew a six-hour difference could be the impetus of a civil war!?" -- Jenny R., Miami, Florida

4. "My family always treated Thanksgiving as a four-day weekend hanging out with each other. Hubby's family has a four-hour max time limit on the actual day only!" -- Noreen K., New York, New York

5. "Thanksgiving for me is all about remembering all the ways you are thankful to the people and loved ones in your life. My hubby thinks it's the best holiday ever ... because it involves nonstop eating and nonstop football." -- Keira R., Norwalk, Connecticut

6.  "I think it's a wonderful time to reflect and be thankful and dress up. He thinks it's a great day to get fat and be lazy. How he thinks that differs from most days, I've yet to determine." -- Mary W., Charlotte, North Carolina

7. "I always love being around my whole family, loud and crazy for the whole day! My hubby would rather just stay at home and work on a project!" -- Mary S., Omaha, Nebraska

8. "I'm thankful for being with my family, because it's the one time we all get together. My husband is English and only likes this American holiday for the food." -- Robin H., Columbus, Ohio

9. "When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of eating pie for breakfast the next day. Not even really dinner -- I go straight to dessert and then dessert in the morning. Who doesn't want that? It just makes sense. In my family, this is the norm. My husband just doesn't get it." -- Roxy W., New York, New York  


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