11 Perfect Examples of Sexting Between Parents

Wendy Robinson | Nov 20, 2015 Love & Sex
11 Perfect Examples of Sexting Between Parents
Image: Heather H.

sexting between parents
Heather H.

For many couples, foreplay used to mean a leisurely dinner followed by long kisses, slow caresses, and the promise of a night of passion. And then, along came kids. Sure, the love and longing is still there, but for many busy couples, it's tricky. Enter text messaging as the go-to tool for flirting while KIR (kids in room) and for, well, planning a sneaky and often long-overdue moment to shake the sheets.

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Maintaining a sex life after kids can take some stealth maneuvering. Sure, kids go to bed pretty early, but parenting makes us so tired we're ready for bed five minutes after the kids are finally down for the count. Before kids, weekends were good for long, lazy mornings in bed with one another -- but now we're just happy if the kids stay in their own beds until 6 a.m. In other words, it's tough to find time alone together, but us parents gotta make it work. 

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Read on for text messages between real couples that prove just how fun -- and sometimes sweet, or sophomoric -- digital foreplay can be. Women share the one text that most sums up their current sex life with their partner. We're loving #4!

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