12 Women Reveal Why They Cheated or Want to Cheat (PHOTOS)

CoupleWhen it comes to the topic of cheating, it can be all too easy to be judgmental about the motives and character of the person stepping out on his or her spouse. Research shows that over 80 percent of Americans believe that having sex with someone other than your spouse is "always wrong," so most people who do cheat usually keep both the experience and the lessons they might have learned private.


But while we might usually think of men as the ones to be most likely to cheat, the truth is that women stray too. We spoke with some of them to find out why they cheated and what they wish other people knew about that experience.

Their names have been withheld by their request, but you might find some of their stories to be more familiar than you might expect.

Image via © Joey Boylan/iStock

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