The 10 Coolest New & Lesser Known Dating Apps for Finding Love, Hookups & More (PHOTOS)

Gone are the days of meeting your love match at town dances, or even just meeting them at the local bar. But we knew that. What you might not know is that we're so fully immersed in the world of online dating that even some of the OG dating apps and sites we were just getting used to are out (good-bye, Tinder! Good-bye, eHarmony!), and newer, more niche ones are in.


It's hard to keep up with the lightning speed at which apps are created, plus keep up with what the "kids" are into these days, so here's your list of the coolest and less well-known dating apps that people are using to find true love, one-night stands, and everything in between -- and we even break down the pros and cons of each one and everything!

Image via © stevanovicigor/iStock; Africa Studio/shutterstock

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