Online Breakup Shop Does the Dirty Work of Dumping Your Mate for You

couple breaking up in cafeThere are certain things in life we wish we could pay someone to do for us, like go to the dentist or exercise. Among the most painful things we have to do ourselves is end a relationship. Well, now, thanks to Breakup Shop, you can pay to have someone else kiss your beloved good-bye -- virtually speaking, of course!


It's true. Brothers MacKenzie and Evan founded the online romance killer to provide the closure that's often missing when a partner just up and disappears. (So rather than spending days assuming he's lost his phone or been abducted by aliens, you'll know definitively that you're not "the one.") MacKenzie tells The Stir:

We came up with the idea after I was ghosted by a girl, which means rather than break up with me she just stopped talking/texting me. It happens a lot in the young adult dating world and we thought there should be a service like Tinder that allowed you to get out of a relationship as easily as it is to get into one.

So, for just $10, you can have a text, an email, a letter, or a phone call made on your behalf letting your former honey-bunny know it's over. Exhibit A:

Breakup Shop text

While it typically takes three days to arrange and schedule a breakup, if you really can't bear the thought of spending the weekend at your partner's nephew's birthday party, there's a rush option, which lets you off the hook within 24 hours of placing your order.

Sure, if you're the breaker-upper, you're breathing a sigh of relief reading about this -- but who wants to be on the receiving end of an anonymous breakup text? 

"Many assume it's a joke," MacKenzie notes. "We have to reassure them that 'No, we were paid to contact you on behalf of your now-ex.' It's certainly tough to deal with some of the emotions that come through."

We bet! But don't worry, the founders aren't completely without empathy. Because they can't hand you a nice pint of ice cream through cyberspace for some pity-bingeing, they direct the dumped toward the gift shop where they can purchase little pick-me-ups in the form of DVDs, video games, and even cookies. 

The founders say so far the response has been mixed.
"From the public there is some sense that this is 'too far,' and immoral, etc. But we really believe that we're providing a great public service to help people end unhappy relationships."
Some may view Breakup Shop's message as empowering yet encouraging cowardly behavior at the same time. 
We suppose it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea. Still, knowing this is out there could send fear into the hearts of daters everywhere each time they hear that gentle ping! letting them know they've received a new text or email. 
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