12 Men Confess the Secret Things They Envy About Women (PHOTOS)

smiling womanFor all the progress women have made, it can still be easy to think that guys have it a little easier than we do. They don't have to deal with having a period, they don't have to shave their legs, they never have to worry about getting pregnant when they don't mean to, and men STILL make more money than women do.


We might envy guys with their hairy legs and fuller wallets, but it is good to remember that women are pretty amazing and most men have noticed that. Whether it is our ability to breastfeed (talk about a superpower!) or the fact that we are multitasking masters, there are a lot of guys out there with some serious woman-envy going on. Read on to discover what 12 men wish they had going for them.


Image via mimagephotography/shutterstock

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