12 Men Confess the Secret Things They Envy About Women (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Nov 12, 2015 Love & Sex

smiling womanFor all the progress women have made, it can still be easy to think that guys have it a little easier than we do. They don't have to deal with having a period, they don't have to shave their legs, they never have to worry about getting pregnant when they don't mean to, and men STILL make more money than women do.

We might envy guys with their hairy legs and fuller wallets, but it is good to remember that women are pretty amazing and most men have noticed that. Whether it is our ability to breastfeed (talk about a superpower!) or the fact that we are multitasking masters, there are a lot of guys out there with some serious woman-envy going on. Read on to discover what 12 men wish they had going for them.


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  • Friends With Real Benefits


    "My wife had a bad day last week, and one of her friends left a basket with cookies and wine for her with a note saying she was beautiful and amazing. When my dad died, my best friend sent me a text that said, 'That totally sucks, dude.' I'm convinced women are better friends because they aren't afraid to show how much they care about each other." -- Jack F., Des Moines, Iowa

  • The Stay-at-Home Option


    "I feel like women can decide to stop working and be a stay-at-home mom, and everyone thinks that is great. I don't feel like that was even an option I could consider. She'll kill me for this, but staying at home seems like a pretty sweet gig." -- Marshall C., Ely, Minnesota

  • The Multitasking Mystery


    "We have the same amount of time in every day, but my wife gets a hell of a lot more done each day. I don't understand it. I feel like I'm working really hard, but she's got like a super memory for all the detail stuff that keeps our house together and I just don't. Women are just kinda smarter than us when it comes to that stuff." -- Brendan N., Stockton, California

  • Options


    "I'm a straight guy who likes to sew and paint. I envy that women can like these things and nobody wonders if they are gay." -- Wendell J., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Better Braiders


    "I'd like to be able to do my daughter's hair without people feeling sorry for her afterwards. I practice, but my French braiding skills suck compared to my girlfriend's, but she's had her whole life to practice." -- Clark A., Tucson, Arizona

  • Sick of Shaving


    "My wife complains about having to wax her eyebrows every few weeks and having to shave her legs a lot in the summer. I'm Italian and have to shave my face EVERY DAY or I look like a beast. Women have it easier." -- Angelo R., Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Miracle of Life


    "I'm not saying it is easy, but being pregnant seems so cool. I would love to know what it feels like to feel a baby kicking and to know you are growing an actual person in there." -- Ken E., Portland, Oregon

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  • The Crotch Shot


    "Women don't have to worry about getting kicked in the junk. Point goes to the ladies on that one." -- Chester P., Boston, Massachusetts

  • Big Spender


    "I don't care what anyone says -- there is still a double standard about dating. Men are still expected to pay for dates, which get super expensive. Why can't I be the one who gets a free dinner from time to time?" -- Justin S., Phoenix, Arizona

  • That Sweet Smell


    "My wife and I go running. We're both sweaty. I smell like something died in a garbage can. She smells like soap and flowers. How does she even DO that? And her farts for sure don't smell as bad as mine do." -- Yousef A., Deerborn, Michigan

  • The Gift of Milk


    "My wife's body MAKES FOOD. That is so cool. It just is. Boobs are amazing. They make everyone in this house happy." -- Lance P., Edina, Minnesota

  • More Than His Job


    "I think guys are much more defined by their jobs than women are, for good or for bad. The first question most people ask me is 'What do you do?' and the first question most people ask my wife is 'Do you have kids?' It bugs me because I think my kids are a much bigger deal than my job, and I don't want to be just defined as this guy who travels for work a lot." -- Greg M., Salt Lake City, Utah

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