New Sex Study May Convince Him to Help More Around the House

husband man doing dishesWorried that your sex life is fizzling? Here's a new approach: Suggest your man fold some laundry or clean out the litter box to get you in the mood.


That's right. According to new research published in the Journal of Family Psychology, men who do their share of household chores -- whatever they may be -- have more AND better sex with their partners.

We'll wait while you call your husband to read this over your shoulder. We understand that he may want proof.

For the study, researchers asked over 1,300 coupled-up German men how much housework they did and whether they thought it was a fair share. Then they checked in a year later to see how happy they were in their relationships and how busy they'd been in the bedroom.

Sure enough, men who said they were doing a "fair" amount were having a lot more and better sex vs. men who admitted they weren't doing enough to help out their spouses.

It's not really a shocker, is it? To a mom, fewer words are a bigger turn-on than, "I started the dishwasher."

Except for, of course, "I folded all the laundry and didn't shrink any of your sweaters." We also find "I cleaned out the car" totally hot.

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According to researchers, some misguided men erroneously believe that if they SKIP helping out around the house, that will leave more time for sex.

Um, not exactly. Or even close.

See, we women are fabulous multitaskers, but that works against us. Keeping an entire week's worth of to-do lists in our heads can sometimes mean we don't have much space left to think about sex. Because, you know, that requires relaxing. And thinking about ourselves for a change. And possibly lying down in bed without sleeping.

Having someone help us tick off boxes on our to-do lists finally gives us a much-needed (and if we do say so ourselves, well-deserved) break.

And when you have kids? That is ALL kinds of romantic.


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