8 States With the Most Attractive Men: Did Yours Make the List? (PHOTOS)

most attractive men by stateMaybe you're always bragging about how great-looking your guy is. Or maybe you're in the market for a hunk and are looking to relocate accordingly. Either way, you'll want to read this! Dating app Clover has ranked the states where the most attractive men live, using its proprietary algorithm. Think you know the states where the hotties are? Pretty sure your guy is from one of them? Take a look at the list and see if you're right!


Looks like the Midwest is where the handsome fellas reside, so if you're on a coast, you may want to pick up and move -- or at least reconsider your vacation plans! Already nabbed a pretty man from one of these states? Hold him close, ladies.


Image via JacobLund/shutterstock

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