8 Cities With the Most Attractive Women: Is Yours on the List? (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Nov 6, 2015 Love & Sex

cities most attractive womenEver wonder why the women in your mom group are just so darn good-looking? Well, you could be living in a city where "pretty" ranks exceptionally high. If you're single and dating, this news could also mean the competition is a little more fierce (not that you have anything to worry about, gorgeous!). Curious how your city ranks? Dating app Clover has compiled a list of the top eight cities where the most attractive women live, and we've got the results.

If you've been out in one of these cities and thought your date was ogling someone else, you probably didn't imagine it! Check out this list of the metropolitan areas the most beautiful women call home.


Image © Andrew Lipovsky/Corbis

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