What It Feels Like When Another Woman Tries to Creep on Your Date (GIFS)

woman flirting at party When you've been married or even dating the same person for a while, it can be easy to forget how captivating you once found them -- until someone else swoops in and begins flirting with them.


My husband and I recently attended an event where a woman practically Velcro'd herself to my guy, trailing him from the appetizers to the bar and back again, giggling all the way.

Because we're not in high school anymore or part of the cast of a Real Housewives franchise, my first reaction was: Wait, is this really happening? 

I mean, I'm standing right here, and, um, lady, I can see you making that face. You know, this one ...

Why didn't I let him wear the outfit he picked out for himself just this once?

Is this somehow my fault? Maybe I should've made more of a fuss when he changed that lightbulb.

Wait, did she really just hold on to his elbow for a full 30 seconds?

B!tch, I don't think so!

Oh great, now he's gonna think he's all that.

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He's going to leave me for her because she's listening to him talk about his job without spacing out.

And you know he is never gonna let me forget this.

Oh great, looks like I'm going to have to take Michelle Duggar's advice and make myself "joyfully available" tonight.

You can often forget the intrinsic awesomeness of the person who's kept you up all night with his snoring, but sometimes all it takes is a little interest from another person to remind you of what you've got. Since this has happened, I've realized I should be treating my guy like the catch that he is. (I've started by overlooking the fact that he leaves his cereal bowl in random spots for me to find and put in the sink nearly every morning. I'm sure he thinks this is a fun game and a nice way for me to start the day. That's my honey. Swoon!)

Or, conversely, as an unhappily married friend of mine said, "You can always turn to the flirty woman and say, 'He's all yours, lady, good luck!'" 

Image via Volt Collection/shutterstock

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