10 Real-Life Stories of Bridezilla Behavior That Will Make You Cringe (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Oct 23, 2015 Love & Sex
10 Real-Life Stories of Bridezilla Behavior That Will Make You Cringe (PHOTOS)

crazy brideIt is said that every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, but let's be honest: Some brides take that a little (or a lot) too far. And what happens when a princess goes bad? Welcome the Bridezilla!

From trying to scam bridesmaids out of money to mandating what kind of underwear the wedding party can wear, we have some bridezilla stories that will curl your toes and make you think about giving up on weddings for good!

And check out #2 for a story about the less common, but not less crazy, groomzilla in action!


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  • For-Profit Bride



    "The woman who made my dress used to own a bridal shop. One time, a bride came to pick up her dress and her bridesmaids' dresses. She paid for them and said the bridesmaids would pay her back, but the dressmaker said one dress still needed alterations so she kept that one back. That woman came to the shop for a fitting and said she could pay for her dress at that time. The bill was $75. The woman said she thought the dress cost $100. Turned out the bride was charging her friends $100 for the dresses and keeping $25 each!" -- Jessica G., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Groomzilla!



    "When my best friend got married, her (ex)-husband was a total dude-zilla (or whatever the man term is). My friend wanted a simple wedding, but he threw a fit because he wanted the wedding he'd been planning 'since he was a little boy.' He demanded a full mass with multiple musical performances (including one by him; they are both music people, but still). There were kilts that had to be JUST SO (even though he's not Scottish). I could go on. But seriously, it was crazy." -- Kate L., Chicago, Illinois

  • The Control-Freak Bride



    "I was in a wedding where the bride actually told us what underwear we had to buy! To 'avoid panty lines,' she said. Ummm thanks, but I've been dressing myself (without visible panty lines) for years. I think I got this!" -- Laura W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • No Flowers for Her


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    "I'm a florist, and I have seen my share of stressed-out and cranky brides, but the one who stands out is a woman who screamed at me because she didn't like the way her bouquet smelled. She said the smell was 'too floral' and was giving her a headache. I was like, 'Um, they're flowers? How did you think they would smell?'

    "She refused to pay her bill, and I ended up having to sue her in small claims court to get my money. Fun times." -- Sandy T., Los Gatos, California

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  • Ecru Who?



    "My sister had a hissy fit at her reception because she thought the napkins and place mats at the VERY fancy country club venue were 'too ecru' when she wanted them to be 'bone.' Um, okay. I don't even know what those colors are." -- Amy J., Gilbert, Arizona

  • Greedy Bride



    "My cousin got drunk as a skunk at her own wedding, which is already pretty embarrassing but then she decided to give a toast. During her toast, she took the time to thank everyone who brought a gift (good), but then followed up with, 'And if you didn't bring a gift, don't be an effing cheapskate. Dinner was $60 a plate!' (BAD). My parents were MORTIFIED." -- Lacey D., Edina, Minnesota

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  • Not Her Love Song



    "My 18-year-old sister decided to get married even though EVERYONE thought she was too young (spoiler alert: she was divorced by 20. We were right).

    "The wedding was fine, but she ended up leaving the reception in a huff and pouting and crying on the hotel stairs because the DJ played a song that reminded her of the girl her husband took to prom. She refused to come back until her husband swore he'd yell at the DJ about it. Poor DJ, he had no idea that playing a Taylor Swift song would cause that much drama." -- Nicki Y., Flint, Michigan

  • Mind Your Own Dress


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    "About 10 years ago I was going to be a maid of honor for a childhood friend. About six months before the wedding, she emailed me and said that she was having anxiety issues and even getting sick with headaches and tummy troubles because she was so worried I wouldn't fit into my dress. Gee, thanks." -- Margo E., Dallas, Texas

  • The Screamer



    "Let's see, who DIDN'T my new sister-in-law scream at during the days leading up to the wedding? She yelled at the flower girl for picking her nose during rehearsal, she yelled at my brother at the reception for eating too much cake, she yelled at my mom, her mom, my husband's mom. She was awful. AWFUL." -- Claire R., Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Fashion DON'T


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    "My sister was a total b*tch on wheels during her wedding. She had to have everything EXACTLY the way she wanted it. It was pretty ironic that when our other sister's wedding was coming, bridezilla sis was totally 'shocked' that our little sister wasn't on board with bridezilla's plan to re-wear her wedding dress instead of wearing a bridesmaid dress. Yes, true story. She thought it would be 'cute' to show up at someone else's wedding in her wedding gown. The bridezilla never stops with her, I guess." -- Quinn P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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