What No One Told Me About Marriage -- but I Sure Wish They Had (PHOTOS)

couple on dockEvery year just over two million optimistic couples marry. They stand in front of their friends and family (or maybe just Elvis in Vegas -- no judgment) and promise to love, honor, and cherish each other. Although planning a wedding can be a lot of work, most married couples soon discover that the real work happens after you say your vows and you begin the process of learning to live with the one you love.


No matter how long you know your partner before you get hitched, chances are there will be things you discover after you're married that might throw you for a loop. Read on to learn the things that other women, both happily married and not-so-happily married, wish someone had told them about married life before they said "I do."


Image ©AleksandarNakic/iStock

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