Drew Barrymore Admits Something About Her Husband Many of Us Are Afraid to Do

drew barrymore will kopelmanEveryone wants to buy in to the fairy tale that we fall in love at first sight and things stay amazingly wonderful forevermore. It may be like that in the movies (sometimes), but in real life, we know things can be a bit more messy. Despite being in some of the greatest romcoms out there, Drew Barrymore is admitting it wasn't love at first sight when she met husband Will Kopelman.


Drew didn't even realize that Will was "the one" at first. They did marry in 2012 and now have two daughters, Frankie and Olive. But Drew wanted to point out that not everything seems so obvious and that love and marriage takes work.

I love Drew.

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She revealed to InStyle magazine that she was attracted to Will because he was classy, had a solid family, and was the kind of guy who returned phone calls. Hey, those are great qualities. But she admitted that they are opposites in a lot of ways and they still have a hard time with certain aspects of their relationship. Don't we all. But there is love and admiration -- Drew said that she loves that he is such a good person.

It sounds like they are solid despite their differences, and that in itself is a good lesson. We fall in love in different ways -- sometimes it's obvious from the start, sometimes it's someone you never thought you'd fall in love with. But you have to listen to your heart -- and that goes for all through the relationship. You kind of have to choose that person every day ... and think of the positive things you have, and that's what keeps the spark alive.

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I love that Drew was so candid about her marriage and first meeting Will. It seems that she is such an open and honest person with her fans and with her husband. Being honest and real with yourself and others is really the only way to truly meaningful relationships, and while it wasn't a fairy-tale beginning, it seems Drew's family life is now quite magical.


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