13 Most Inappropriate Places Women Have Been Hit On (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 7, 2015 Love & Sex

They say the three most important things about real estate are location, location, location. You could say the same thing about flirting. But that doesn't stop the most eager, enterprising -- or maybe desperate and tone-deaf? -- men out there from flirting in the worst places. 

Here are some of the most awkward places women have been hit on.

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  • His Own Wedding


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    This mom got hit on by a groom at his own wedding. "I was in a corner and he came out of nowhere and whispered 'If I had met you first, I'd think twice about this.' It was especially awkward because I was eight months pregnant and holding my son, who was 3 at the time."

  • Child Support Office


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    A child support office is probably not the kind of setting that will make a woman well-disposed toward the male gender in general. "I was in there for a meeting regarding my deadbeat ex," a mom recalls, "and some guy made his payment at the window and then asked me for my number on the way out."

  • The Hospital


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    A mom coming out of chemotherapy treatment for her cancer was approached by a man who told her what a nice body she had, and that he 'would like to have the chance to get to know me.' Seriously? I'm bald and puking, but let's grab lunch."

  • Getting a Speeding Ticket


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    "No, sir, I don't want to play 'good cop/bad cop' with you," says a traffic cop mom. "Please obey the posted speed and have a nice day."

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  • While Pregnant


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    Maybe don't yell "Hope that's my baby!" out your car window when you see a very pregnant woman walking down the street. She won't be flattered. 

  • A Few Feet Away From the Husband


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    A military wife was shopping at a store on base when another man used the line, "So when does your husband deploy?" on her. Her husband was standing just a few feet away.

  • After a Cab Ride


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    A woman says back when she was single a cab driver hit on her after a ride back from the airport. "I got a random call from the driver asking me out, which was odd because we really didn't talk much and I felt like it was inappropriate because he had to have researched my info. I didn't give it to him." This was in the days before Uber and caller ID. Creepy! Also? She lived alone in a basement apartment with a thin door.

  • Outside the NICU


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    A mom had just finished seeing her daughter in the NICU when a doctor hit on her in the hallway. Maybe this is not the best timing, doc???

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  • Women's Restroom


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    A mom had an unfortunate encounter in a women's truck stop restroom. "I was washing my hands, and this burly man walks out of a stall, realizes where he is [the women's room!], laughs, and looks at me and asks me to meet him at his rig behind the restaurant part of the truck stop." Um, no thanks.

  • With the Kids in the Toy Aisle


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    It was bad enough when a man tried to flirt with this mom while she was with her kids at a toy store. But later, she says, "My son told my husband that some weird guy was trying to be his new dad."

  • Parenting Class


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    A mom attended a mandatory parenting class for divorcing parents. "Dude sat next to me and during a break started saying things like, 'Your ex must be a total idiot to let go of someone as pretty as you.'" And then he asked for her number.

  • Practically Under His Girlfriend's Nose


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    Another mom remembers a weekend she spent at a mutual friend's beach house. "One of his friends totally hit on me -- and his GIRLFRIEND was there too! In fact, she went to bed early while we all stayed up late playing card games." She wrote it off as harmless flirting until he later called and asked her out. "What about your girlfriend, dude??? Still asleep???"

  • Funeral


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    A woman was at a funeral when she started receiving texts from a man she'd already rebuffed earlier. She told him she was at a funeral and that it was a bad time. He kept pestering her, telling her he wanted to have sex with her. Finally she wrote, "'I'M AT A FUNERAL. MY FRIEND IS DEAD. I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS SUCH LITTLE RESPECT FOR OTHERS. PISS OFF!'" She never heard from him again. 


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