Looks Like Isabella Cruise Didn't Invite Parents Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman to Her Wedding

Bella Cruise marriesHere's news that would break any parent's heart. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter Isabella has supposedly married beau Max Parker in a secret ceremony that may or may not have excluded her famous parents. 


Yikes! Bella, 22, was raised by Tom after he and Nicole divorced. But just recently Nicole said she stays in touch with her daughter and son, Connor, both of whom she adopted with Cruise, via text. Hmmm ... that doesn't sound too warm or fuzzy, does it?

We can understand how Bella might leave out Tom since the British IT consultant she married isn't a Scientologist -- and maybe she was afraid Tom would get so excited he'd start jumping on couches again. But could she really exclude Nicole? So far no photos of the stunning Aussie being in attendance have emerged.

We know plenty of brides can get caught up in the excitement, throw caution to the wind, and elope, but reports say this was an intimate affair at London's swanky Dorchester hotel and included multiple bridesmaids. In other words, it wasn't like they ran off to a Vegas-style chapel and got hitched.

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Reportedly, brother Connor wasn't invited either -- making this even stranger. They may not have had your traditional upbringing, but you'd definitely think he'd get a nod. With Nicole in London prepping for her role in the play Photograph 51, it would be especially devastating to not include her since she was probably just miles away.

Bella, a hairdresser, may simply be trying to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Still, it would break any mom's heart to not be a part of one of the most special days in her daughter's life. 


Image via Squirrel / Splash News

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