Devoted Mom Goes Dumpster Diving for Daughter's Designer Wedding Dress

bride and mother of the brideWhen you become a mom, you know you've got some pretty tough tasks ahead of you, like changing thousands of diapers and caring for kids with nasty stomach bugs. But you'd think the "dirty jobs" were behind you once they got married. Not so for one mom who slogged her way through a dumpster after her daughter's wedding gown was mistakenly thrown in the trash. 


Ugh, can you imagine? Here's what happened: Lucinda Ballard returned to her Manhattan apartment with her daughter's Oscar de la Renta gown, planning to have it preserved. Somehow during unpacking, the building's staff mistook the word "dress" for "trash" and off went the pricey frock to the garbage!

Thanks to the quick thinking of the building superintendent, the crew and Ballard were able to track the gown down to a dump in New Jersey. After climbing in -- wearing masks, gloves, and boots, of course -- and ripping apart countless bags of trash, the mother of the bride was reunited with the dress! Does this have the makings of a rom-com or what??

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Talk about a mom going above and beyond! With the dress safe once again, Ballard reported the whole episode to her daughter, who posted photos of her dumpster-diving mama on her Instagram account and hailed her as a hero!

We're so glad this story has a happy ending! Let's hope someone else wears this gown now that Mrs. B went to all that trouble! If a future bride does say yes to this dress, imagine what a wild story she'll be able to tell each time someone asks, "Have you found your dress yet?"

We can totally understand not wanting to see a perfectly gorgeous gown go to waste, literally, but the thought of our moms dumpster diving is pretty heartbreaking. She deserves a really nice souvenir from the honeymoon or maybe a grandbaby ASAP, LOL!


Image via Iryna Prokofieva/shutterstock

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