If There's One Thing We Women Can't Get Enough of, It's a Man's ... Arms

armsYeesh, we females are so inscrutable. One minute, we're all about a man's six pack. The next, we're gushing about lumberjack beards. And now, we women have decided that we like arms as much as we like penises.


Yes, that's right. Arms. Brazos. Braccia.

Those long things they use to empty the dishwasher.

According to a new survey of 1,000 women from Dr. Ed, an online medical service based in the U.K., those manly biceps and triceps are something we American women crave.

Our European counterparts are a little more to the point. Their favorite part of the male physique? Butts. They even prefer them over faces!

But to us American women, a man's face is still first priority. (We're old-fashioned like that.) But arms DID tie with penises for second place. Which we find both hilarious and fascinating. What the heck's up with that?

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Our best (wholly uneducated!) G-rated explanation: Maybe in these uncertain times, we're craving a man to hold us and keep us secure. We want strength! And romance! And someone to catch us when we feel swoony. Ha!

A more ACCURATE guess: Male body parts matter sooooo little to us that we're all like, "Eh. Penis? Arms? Whatevs. They're all the same." We've got far more important things on our minds. And if we love a guy and find him attractive, we love every part of him -- arms, abs, penis, the works. 

See for yourself.

dr ed favorite body parts


Can anyone think of a way to make this into a T-shirt? Because we kind of want one. And want our man to wear it, too -- you know, to show off his, um, arms.


Images via Sergieiev/shutterstock; dred.com

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