Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Marry 17 Years After Their First Walk Down the Aisle (VIDEO)

ring bearer flower girl get marriedLove is in the air at weddings and you never know who may just find themselves smitten with a fellow guest. While it wasn't necessarily love at first sight for this couple, a ring bearer and flower girl ended up falling in love and getting married 17 years after they were in the wedding of family friends. 


Awww! Could these two be any cuter? They even got married in the same church where they first walked down the aisle together! And, in attendance was the couple whose marriage brought them together in the first place. So sweet! 

It's funny to hear that the bride, Brooke, had a crush on her now-husband ever since they were 5 years old! (We like a lady who knows what she wants!) While it took Adrian a little while to come around, by middle school, the feeling was mutual! 

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So the next time your child is invited to serve as a member of the wedding party, take a good look at his or her partner, as the tiny attendant may just turn out to be an in-law someday!

Best of luck to this happy couple!


Image via WWMT TV/YouTube

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