10 Turn-Offs That Ruin a Mom's Game in the Bedroom

When a woman and her partner head into the bedroom, they leave their parenting behind and it's all about connecting, right? Ha, we wish! There's a whole slew of turn-offs that can ruin our sex lives once kids come along. Here are a few of the worst turn-offs moms shared with us. Because once the flame is out -- it's o-u-t, out. We think many people will be able to relate to most of these stories about a bajillion times over. 


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There is nothing better than sneaking in a quickie while the kids are asleep or when we have a moment to spare, but we've all been in the situation where something small just makes the magic completely fizzle. And nothing is more of a bummer when that happens. But what are the worst culprits that can get a woman off her game? We compiled a list of the most common ways our heads get yanked out of the bedroom. From contemplating our to-do lists, to hearing a worrying noise downstairs, to actually having the kids knock on the bedroom door at an inconvenient time -- these are all ways for the wind to get knocked out of our sails. We found moms who were willing to share the times when the smallest detail got in the way of their sex lives. Read on and see which ones made our list!  

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