Your 'Phubbing' Habit May Be Killing Your Relationship

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Be honest. When was the last time you found yourself alone in a room with your husband -- and instead of talking to each other, one of you (ahem, we won't guess WHO) was glued to their phone? Whether talking on it, reading headlines, checking Facebook -- doesn't matter. Because this phone snubbing -- aka phubbing -- can destroy your relationship.


Dr. James A. Roberts is a professor of marketing and has a passion for researching smartphones -- specifically, smartphone overuse. Huffington Post recently ran an excerpt of his new book, Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? and well, let's just say that it behooves your relationship to slide that sucker off now and pay attention.

Dr. Roberts coined the word "phubbing" by smashing together "phone" and "snubbing." Catchy.

Then he and a colleague developed a 9-point scale to determine who's guilty of it. Because those of us who are, are causing conflict in our relationships and we better stop.

Some of the questions Dr. Roberts asks to determine if you "phub." (And trust us, we ALL do.)

I often keep my cell phone in hand when I'm with others.

I have been caught checking my cell phone when talking with someone.

I use my cell phone when I am on a date with my romantic partner.

And what Roberts believes is THE worst offense: I have used my cell phone in bed while my partner was present.


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Nobody likes to talking to the top of someone's head. Conversely, what kind of intimate convo (not to mention sex!) can be had when you or your husband is watching a YouTube video of a cat chasing a laser pointer?

According to one survey, a whopping 75 percent of people feel their smartphone is affecting their relationship. And while that number's shocking, it's actually pretty common sense. You're basically sending this message to your partner: "In a minute, dude. Got something more important to do."

Fortunately, phubbing has a super-easy fix. Turn off your phone and just be with your partner instead.


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