Father of the Bride Insists Her Stepdad Walk Down the Aisle With Them (VIDEO)

brittany peck's dad and stepdadFor bride Brittany Peck's stepfather, the thought of her wedding day was bittersweet. While he'd be front and center in his tux, it would fall to the father of the bride to walk the daughter they both raised down the aisle. Or at least it would have -- if her dad hadn't used her wedding day as a chance to show what real co-parenting looks like in action!


Brittany's wedding photographer Delia Blackburn shared the moment when dad Todd Bachman stopped the ceremony to grab Brittany's stepfather and pulled him down the aisle so that they could walk her down the aisle together.

According to Time, Todd told Blackburn sharing the honor of walking Brittany down the aisle was the right thing to do because, "He has helped me raise my daughter and he should be walking with us."

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After the wedding, the two proud dads were interviewed by a local news channel and basically gave a class on how to put your kids first when it comes to life after a divorce.

What an amazing example of the fact that "family" can be more than just one mom and one dad -- especially on an emotional, momentous, often stressful occasion like a wedding day.

As a stepmom, I felt this story really hit home for me. I happen to like and respect my husband's ex, and I love my stepsons, so I can only hope that when the time comes and our boys get married, she would be as gracious to me as these guys are to each other. 


Image via wkyc.com

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