Kate Hudson's Rumored Hookup With Nick Jonas Feels All Sorts of Wrong

kate hudson nick jonasSometimes celebrities surprise us with their romantic choices, and this "couple" is certainly no exception. Actress Kate Hudson, 36, was spotted having a blast at Disney World with possible new boyfriend, Nick Jonas, 23, and it's causing quite a fuss!


Now let's be honest, these two are absolutely adorable -- apart. Together? Hmmmm. A 13-year age gap by Hollywood standards is like a six-month differential in "real life," but still, this one has lots of folks scratching their heads.

Maybe it's because Kate's a mom to two boys, and Nick, love him as we do, seems like he was just a boy himself, like, five minutes ago. Maybe that's why people feel like something's off here -- in an I'm-dating-the-guy-I-once-babysat kind of way. 


But we certainly don't want to have a double standard about this potential pairing. As Amy Schumer's hilarious skit points out, Bruce Willis could probably date a baby lamb and no one would flinch, so why does this new couple seem to be shocking everyone?

It shouldn't, really. We know Kate likes to have a good time as evidenced by her relationships with rocker and former hubby Chris Robinson and ex-fiancé Muse frontman Matt Bellamy -- not to mention she's dated New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and actor Owen Wilson. So, if her tastes span the gamut, why not have fun with the Jealous singer? (After all, she just broke up with sugar, let's cut the woman some slack!) 

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And with Nick Jonas admitting his purity ring is long gone it shouldn't be any surprise that he'd go for a gorgeous gal like Kate. The notorious cougar-chaser told Bravo's Andy Cohen what he loves about "older women" is that they know what they want. Apparently, so does Nick! 

Still, it can be challenging dating someone who's more than a decade older or younger than you are. There are plenty of references to things one of you might not get, and chances are your priorities are different -- especially if one of you is a parent. 

That said, this could be an interesting duo to watch, that's for sure!


Image via Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

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