Matt Damon Looks Completely Cray Cray in 'Couples Therapy' Session With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

If you've ever wanted to see exactly how gaslighting works, look no further than this spoof skech of Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon in couples therapy. The two met to talk about a promise Jimmy made to Matt that he's never followed through on -- even though Jimmy says he's been "trying." Well, you just have to watch.


It's pretty darn clear what's happening in Matt and Jimmy's relationship. Anyone who's ever taken part in a dysfunctional couple will immediately recognize these tell-tale signs.

Gaslighting move #1: Jimmy keeps Matt hanging on a promise he clearly has no intentions of fulfilling.

Why are these two in counseling together? "He promised me over a decade ago that I was going to be able to be a guest on the show," Matt says. 

But in 12 years Jimmy has never made it happen. Instead, Matt gets scheduled for the show night after night. It's in the TV listings, so he has to show up. Jimmy has even provided a room for Matt to hang out in each evening, waiting for his turn to go on stage. 

Night after night Jimmy keeps Matt waiting in that room -- for nothing.

Gaslighting move #2: Jimmy frames as Matt the crazy one.

For his part, Jimmy says Matt doesn't appreciate all the other things he has to do on his show. He says he clearly doesn't care about the other invited guests. Bottom line, Matt thinks the world revolves around him.

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Wow, again -- Jimmy is shamelessly manipulating his friend. When you make people question their sanity they become easier to control. And if you're the one in control, you can't be the crazy one, right? So evil. Seriously.

Gaslighting move #3: Jimmy makes Matt feel unworthy.

When the therapist asks Jimmy how he thinks it feels to be Matt he says he thinks it must suck. "First of all, look at him!" he says. "Look at his face and look at his body. It's not a movie star face and it's not a movie star body."

Can you believe how shameless Jimmy is about tearing down Matt's self esteem? Matt is a beautiful girl -- I mean, Matt is clearly a handsome guy. But as long as he feels like he's not hot enough he'll continue letting Jimmy keep him dangling.

Gaslighting move #4: Jimmy says he's angry that Matt is angry.  

Oh classic! This is what gaslighters do to deny responsibility for their actions. They emotionally abuse you, and then they tell you you're not allowed to have any feelings about that. Why is Matt still standing by this jerk?  

You're not going to believe this, but there is a happy resolution to this therapy session. I'm still utterly disappointed in the therapist who is NOT doing her job and fails to call Jimmy on his manipulation. And Matt -- when is he going to wake up and stop being Jimmy's doormat?

Well, in case you haven't already guessed we're totally joking about all of this. It's just a silly sketch, and obviously Matt has been way too busy with his career, not to mention his wife and kids, to live in a dressing room at the Jimmy Kimmel show.

But you've got to wonder if this sketch made a few couples out there watching squirm. How would you feel if you were actually in a relationship like this? Would this be the wake-up call you've needed all along?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

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