Teary Roller Coaster Proposal Prepares Couple for the Wild Ride of Marriage (VIDEO)

roller coaster proposalMany women think the way their partner proposes is a metaphor for how their life together will be. If that's the case, one couple is in for wild ride! Austin Crecelius asked his girlfriend Allison Boyle to marry him at the top of a roller coaster in what has to be one of the most poetically appropriate proposals of all time. 


As the couple is approaching the top of a pretty steep incline, Austin talks about the twists and turns life often takes. While it can throw you for a loop, he says -- quoting words Boyle had once said to him -- it's a lot more fun to go with another person.

Awww! How sweet is that?! He had to be so nervous to begin with, but to hold on to that ring at however many stories up in the air? This guy must have the steady hands of a heart surgeon! Most impressive!

Way to really take the plunge, Austin! Allison probably had no time to focus on the impending drop. That's a lot to process in the same instant.

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We also love that the theme park, Holiday World in Indiana, posted this congratulatory note beneath the couple's video:

We wish you only the best! (We appreciate your apology for breaking our no-cameras rule and remind everyone to be safe while riding and obey all posted and verbal safety instructions.) May all your adventures as husband and wife make you hang on tight, scream a little, laugh a lot, and bring you happily back home again.

That was definitely the ride of a lifetime! 


Images via Austin Crecelius/YouTube

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