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13 Men Share the Sweet & Sexy Things That Make Them Feel Loved (PHOTOS)

Love & Sex Wendy Robinson Oct 12, 2015

funny coupleI'd never describe myself as an expert on relationships, but I do think that after 10 years of (mostly) wedded bliss, I've figured a few things out. One of those things that is important to know is what makes your partner feel loved.

For my husband, for example, conversation makes him feel connected and cared for. He is actually way more talkative than I am, and so when I take the time to really sit and listen and engage with him at the end of the day -- instead of just zoning out on my smartphone -- he loves it.

Of course, every dude is different, so we thought it would be interesting to hear all the things that make a guy feel loved, other than sex (let's assume that is a given).

You might be surprised how sweet and simple some of these gestures can be.


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1The Importance of Touch

"I love it when my wife rubs or touches me and not just in a sexual way. Like at night when we're laying in bed and she rubs my back or cuddles me. I love it!" -- Larry C., Saint Paul, Minnesota


2The Road to His Heart

"It is [the] simple things. Hugs. Smiles. A warm meal. When she lets me work out. A fresh pot of coffee." -- Will S., Boulder, Colorado


3Checking In

"I love when she emails me to say 'hi' and asks how my day is going or sends me a funny picture or joke. I like that she wants to make me smile during the work day." -- Jason M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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4The Gift of Time

"I like when she makes time so we can just hang out or go for a walk. I don't need fancy date nights. I'd be happy just to go to the farmers' market or something." -- Kent B., Tucson, Arizona


5Happy Family, Happy Husband

"I'm simple. I just need a happy family and regular hugs." -- Brent F., Boise, Idaho


6Tearing Up

"When my wife cries when I get her a card, I feel loved." -- Sean T., Como Park, Minnesota


7Her Happiness

"When we are sitting on our front stoop and our 2-year-old is on the tricycle biking up and down the driveway and my wife is holding the 5- month-old baby and then tells me how much she loves our life. I feel most loved when she is happy." -- Ernie W., Shawnee, Oklahoma

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8Sleep, Please

"Right now? Sleep! We have an 11-month-old who still wakes up at 3-4 each night." -- Adam N., Hartford, New Hampshire


9Lunchbox Sweets

"My wife makes my lunch for me most days. I feel loved when she puts something extra in there like a note or a little candy bar. It is the simple stuff, really." -- Dan P., Casa Grande, Arizona


10Fantasy Football

"My wife doesn't really care about football, but she joined my fantasy football league this fall just so we'd be able to spend more time together and because I love it. That was really awesome and made me feel like she really likes me." -- Kurt W., Pierre, South Dakota

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11Proud Papa

"Having a good relationship with my daughter makes me feel loved. I love that she looks up to me, and I love that my wife and I are raising such a smart, funny, and kind little girl together." -- Jim T., Richmond, Virginia

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"We're a team, and right now my role is working outside of the home, and she is staying home with the kids. I feel loved when I see that she is doing her best to make our house nice and to take care of the kids. I'm not old-fashioned but there is something great about coming home to a cute wife and a good dinner." -- Clark A., Phoenix, Arizona

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