Megan Fox Sticks It to Brian Austin Green in a T-Shirt That Screams 'I'm Over You' (PHOTO)

Last we saw of Brian Austin Green he was sharing his heartbreak with the world by wearing a T-shirt that read "Life Is Pain." Now his ex Megan Fox is communicating by T-shirt, too, apparently. And by the looks of it, she may be causing Green even more pain with her message.


Megan Fox stepped out in a T-shirt reading "I Need More Space." Ouch! Are we learning too much about this relationship? Man, poor Brian. I guess there's not much hope for a reconciliation. Did she think he was too clingy? 

And how long is this T-shirt conversation going to last? Not that I mind! I think we're all enjoying it. Just wondering what T-shirt messages we'll see next.

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"I Get the House."

"You Wish."

"You Never Loved Me."

"Nothing Was Ever Enough for You!"

"When Are You Signing the Papers?"

"When You Send Me a Reasonable Offer."

"You Got the Kids This Weekend, Right?"


I'm especially looking forward to that "Yeah" T-shirt! Anyway, I guess it's better than when a feuding ex-spouse says things like, "Tell your father that I am through working with the mediator and that he will hear from my attorney!" Better to communicate through T-shirts than through the kids, that's what I always say.

At any rate, I think a lot of us can identify with what Megan is saying, too. Sometimes you need more space in a relationship. And you kind of need to shout that from a distance. You know, from another planet or at least another parking lot. 


Image via ACE/ News

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