This Breathtaking Wedding Photo Raised $15,000 in 24 Hours

edwin robertson wedding photoRight now, the Australian Outback is in the midst of the longest recorded drought in history. No surprise, the people who live there are struggling big-time. So, when Edwina Robertson had a photo shoot smack-dab in the middle of the (very, very) rural community, the wedding photographer vowed to raise money for charity. And what happened next will restore your faith in humanity.


Robertson is a wedding photographer based in Goondiwindi, Australia. She has a special place in her heart for the Australian Outback. As she explains on her website:

If you have ever lived in a rural community you will appreciate the struggles, the joy, and the uncertainty of making a living off this great land of ours.

Recently, Robertson traveled nine hours to Western Queensland for a wedding. But the bride, Ingrid, wasn't having last-minute dress fittings or freaking out because there weren't enough pink M&Ms at the candy buffet. Days before, Ingrid's family had to sell ALL their cattle -- "a hard and heart-wrenching decision to make based on the brutal realities of financial hardship," Robertson explains on her Facebook page.

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Robertson was touched and wanted to do something to help, so she decided to post a gorgeous, stark photo from Ingrid's wedding on Facebook. She vowed that every time it was shared, she would donate $3 of her own money to Tie Up the Black Dog, a group that offers support for people in Queensland suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

Check out her now-viral plea.

It is no secret that my heart lies within the Australian Outback. If you have ever lived in a rural community you will...

Posted by Edwina Robertson Photography on Monday, September 21, 2015

After just one day, Robertson had pledged a whopping $14,922 to Tie Up the Black Dog. She's since moved the campaign over to a crowdfunding site to keep the donations coming -- although no longer just from her. And so far? Over $30,000 has been raised! Amazing.

And here we were thinking that all the Internet cares about is what Kim K. is wearing today or what happened on the latest Real Housewives! Although Robertson's campaign can't get Ingrid's family's cattle back, it can give us ALL hope that occasionally, we CAN depend on the kindness of strangers.


Image via Edwina Robertson / Facebook

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