12 Men Confess Unintentionally Sexy Things That Get Them in the Mood (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Oct 14, 2015 Love & Sex

Love in his eyesDespite what commercials and TV shows might have us believe, I have it on good authority from the men in my life that they don't think about sex EVERY minute of the day.

After all, they have to make time to think about fantasy football too.

But, of course, they do think about sex -- so it is always interesting to ask them about the little things women do that turn their men on. From the expected (yep, your butt looks great in yoga pants) to the surprising (#4? Who'd have thought?), our panel of guys is spilling the dirt on what really gets them in the mood.


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  • The Swimmer


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    "My wife was a swimmer in high school and college. Seeing her swim and be so graceful and powerful in the water is a total turn-on. I've started even thinking the smell of chlorine is kind of hot." -- Jacob F., Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Shaved Legs



    "I get in the mood when I know my wife has shaved her legs. I don't really care if her legs are hairy or not, but I know SHE cares and I know that when she shaves them, it is usually a sign that she is in the mood. Her being in the mood = me TOTALLY in the mood." -- Gary T., Tucson, Arizona

  • Hot Chef



    "The way to my heart, and my junk, is through my stomach. I love when my wife takes care of me by cooking a nice meal." -- Kurt U., Dallas, Texas

  • Hot & Sweaty



    "When my wife comes home from the gym or from running and she is all hot and sweaty in her tight clothes? Super hot. I always follow her to the bedroom when she gets home because I know she'll want to take a shower, so the odds are good I can grab her for a quickie or at least see some boobs." -- Marty B., Juno, Alaska

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  • Touch Me



    "Okay, please don't use my real name for this, but my wife has a higher sex drive than I do. Sometimes when I'm not in the mood and she is, she'll offer to give me a massage. All that touching usually leads to me becoming interested in more. Plus massages feel great in and of themselves!" -- Name withheld

  • Boobs!



    "I confess that I like watching my wife nurse our son. I don't care if there is a baby attached to one end: a boob is still a boob and a dude still likes seeing a boob." -- Nickoli K., Brooklyn, New York

  • Yoga Booty



    "I don't care if she ever takes a yoga class or not, I'd be happy to have my wife wear yoga pants every day. Her booty is the bomb." -- Daniel V., Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • The Student



    "My wife is a grad student and I love it when she has on her glasses and is up to her elbows in books and paper. It is a nerdy-hot thing and I am down for it!" -- Michael A., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Conversation


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    "When we can get out for a date night and talk about stuff other than the kids, it reminds me of how much I like her (not just love her) and about how much we'd just hang out and talk before kids came along. Feeling reconnected to our earlier selves usually reminds me of all the great sex we've had, which makes me want MORE great sex." -- Tim T., Springfield, Missouri

  • Let Loose



    "My wife is type A and is always worrying about something. She kind of sucks at relaxing, so I always like it if we go to a happy hour or something and she lets loose a little bit and has a few drinks or starts dancing. Fun wife is a sexy wife." -- Troy S., Holland, Michigan

  • Sleepy Time


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    "We have a new baby. I've had sex three times in the last five months. If the baby is sleeping and my wife is willing, I guarantee you I will be 100 percent in the mood." -- Lawrence W., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Weddings



    "Going to weddings puts me in the mood. It reminds me of our wedding and how that was the best day (and night!) of my life. We waited for marriage for sex, so I guess I have weddings connected to finally getting lucky!" -- Rob A., Rochester, New York

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